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11 February 2012, 1:01 PM
Portfolio (Makes Tumblr layout into portfolio) ($8/mo, but many features)
Make Website (connect different media sites) (free templates for websites) (social network toolbar)
Domain/Web Hosting (H: $25/yr, D: $12.50/yr) [Treehouse discount] (H: $3.98/mo, D: $10.69/yr)
Merchandise & Prints (and recommendations) (business cards, postcards [Kelly McKernan]) (for mass orders) (buttons, keychains, magnets, stickers - will match cheaper competitor prices) (Ebook publishing for iPad) (publishing books) (acrylic charms)
Marketing (Email newsletter up to 2k subscribers) (subscribe newsletter) (subscribe newsletter) (social media share buttons) (free, sell your files/download links. 5% fee for each purchase) (sell your files/download links. 5% fee + 25c for each purchase) (connects social networks and posting times) (view all your social networks at once) (manages up to 5 social networks)  (create a QR code, and you can link the QR code to multiple tabs/pages)
Game Development
Professional Networking
Groupwork/Collaboration (team organization/tasks)  (team organization/tasks) (team communication)

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Hi, my name is Annie and this is where I catalog useful art resources and tutorials I stumble upon. You're welcome to use this site, too!

Disclaimer: I don't claim any of the resources or tutorials on this site, they are only for educational purposes.

Art Tumblr: theanniehsu